vacancy Poem


I want to be an open book. and sometimes I don’t. sometimes I shy away, other times I face it face to face.

but my fears take over so I never open up fully. I am ashamed, guilty, plagued and embarrassed. I know I shouldn’t be, but I can’t help I want to share my story without actually saying it. and that’s how I got the idea to write this poem.I just wanted to get it out there, let everyone know but only if they can read my language. they need to fill the spaces and connect with me. only few will be able to do so. but even if they don’t, there is no right or wrong, there is just… that.

you can either do it or not. you can’t make a mistake, you are in a carefree zone here. you can reveal something from yourself, on purpose or not, or you can point with the finger at someone. I just don’t care.

do with this whatever you want. I’d rather you did something with it, but in the end it is your call. at least I can dispose of some baggage this way. it will not satisfy me fully I know, but it is a first step – until I am ready to get opened up and read.and please feel free to share this. this is open for everyone, this doesn’t belong to anyone anymore. I set it free, that’s the point of it.


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