vacancy Poem

version 1

___________ by ___________

___________ by ___________ it consumes me.
I want to ___________ so badly,
want to set it off,
lay back,
enjoy the ___________.

___________ by ___________ I fall into pieces.
I want to ___________ right now,
want to rid myself off it,
lay me down,
and ___________.

___________ by ___________ darkness sets in.
I want it to ___________ me,
take the ___________ off,
and wither away.

___________ by ___________ the fog gets thicker.
I want to get some ___________,
breathe in,
and ___________.

___________ by ___________ I ___________ it more.
I want to be ___________,
but I know,
I remain ___________.

___________ by ___________ I grabs me tighter.
I want to ___________ the monster,
or just ___________,
and ___________.

___________ by ___________ I ___________ a little more.
I want to ___________,
but the ___________,
it just ___________ me.

and I ___________.


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